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I'm so grateful to the Humane Society and Petsmart for helping me find my little kitten!  On July 12, 2015 we said goodbye to my beautiful calico cat Millie, who had made it to a ripe old age of 15.  Unfortunately she had developed a lot of medical problems and would not get better.  I was broken hearted to lose my Millie.  Initially I thought it might be a good idea to see what it's like to not have a pet. I very quickly became lonely for someone to take care of, so I started "just looking."  I went to Petsmart to look at the cats for adoption just to see how it felt.  A tiny little gray ball of fur caught my eye right away, but it still felt too soon.  The Petsmart worker warned me that the kittens "go fast" and this particular kitten might not be there if I came back another day.  I took my chances. Over the course of about a week, I looked at and even visited a shelter, but it was always the little gray one who had my heart.  I actually visited her THREE TIMES at Petsmart before I was ready to bring a new feline friend to my home.  The workers at Petsmart were so patient with me and knew this was a serious decision.  In the end, I took that little bitty one home, and I love her so much.  No cat can ever take Millie's place, but I found out there's a lot of love in my heart to share with other kitties.  I named my little gray kitten Winnie Lou (I call her Winifred Louise when she is in trouble!), and I couldn't be happier with my decision to adopt her!   

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