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Brian's Blog February 28 2015 Keep Your Pets Safe in Subzero Temperatures Brian's Blog As we reach subzero temperatures in the Miami Valley it is important to keep your pets safe in the cold. Remember, if it is too cold for you to be outside then it is too cold for your pets. The Humane... Read more
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Animal Stories


I saw this guy at one of your remote adoption centers around Thanksgiving last year. He just looked so sad! And he was one of the most unusual cats I had ever seen. He was huge and the closest thing I had ever seen to a male calico. When I was a little kid, a family friend (Herb S.) would always tell me that if I ever found a male calico, it would be really special, because calicos were almost always girls. I went home and told my husband jokingly that I had just met our next cat. He gave me a strange look. I kept going back to the pet-supply store to see Marble. The more I saw him, the more I knew that he would become our cat. He was so sad and lonely! My heart went out to him. So the last weekend of November, we went in and filled out the paperwork to adopt Marble. I renamed him Herb, in honor of the family friend who always told me how special a male tricolor would be. And Herb is special!

I have included a picture. The other big cat is Garfunkle, whom we adopted from you back in 1993! He is 18 now, diabetic, arthritic and totally loved!!! The little brown tiger is Gir. He was a little kitten whom we saved from being put down because he had no home, the vet whom he was dumped off at couldn't keep him, and no one seemed wanted him. We took him. There are three other guys in the house, plus a male dog who came from you. I am the only girl in the house, but there is lots of love!

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