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Brian's Blog June 15 2017 Don't Leave Pets in Hot Cars Brian's Blog Each year, thousands of family pets suffer from heatstrokes or suffocation after being left in a parked car. Even if you are going into a store for just a second, the results can be tragic. In fact,... Read more
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Animal Stories


We went to a special "Home 4 the Holidays" adoption event sponsored by local shelters at the Dayton Mall...and he was there!

Potato was just a small ball of fluff when we saw him; but he loved people and just wanted to be the center of attention. He just loved to be held and loved by everyone. His foster mom said that he was found in a crate on the side of the road, along with another dog: a young black lab who had a collar embedded in his neck. Poor Tato was just a young pup, probably younger than 8 weeks, when he was abandoned. But he was taken in by the Humane Society of Greater Dayton and then given a good foster home until he was found by us!

Potato (formerly Sting) just loves people and gets along very well with his "sister": our cat, Sata. He's a ball of energy, but he's also stubborn and very smart. We're blessed that we found him and so very glad for all that the Humane Society does to save precious pups like him!

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